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Printable Documentary Viewing Guide: Boys and Men Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Printable Documentary Viewing Guide: Boys and Men Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

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A 32-page booklet Viewing Guide that accompanies the content in the acclaimed 52-documentary, Boys and Men Healing. Ideal as adjunct to screening the documentary in small or large groups, university and college classrooms, military sexual assault prevention programs, prisons, churches and for training leaders regarding child abuse prevention, sexual assault, and male childhood sexual abuse education and prevention. Also valuable for counselors, youth groups, parents, men's groups, therapists, educators partners and supportive advocates of male survivors, and for male survivor support groups.

The guide helps inform and enrich discussion, and offers insight to support the male survivor in the arduous healing process, while educating on the special challenges and myths men and boys sexually abuse face throughout their lives. The guide also brings to light the devastating impact on individuals and society and tremendous need for valuable resources to support survivors and train leaders to better serve their needs during the healing process. It concludes with a call to action for leaders.

Documentary Summary:

Boys and Men Healing is a documentary about the impact male child sexual abuse has on both the individual and society, and the importance of male survivors healing and speaking out for the well being of individuals, families, and communities. This film digs deep into the effects of boyhood sexual abuse-- shame, intimacy problems, sexual identity confusion, post-traumatic stress, depression, substance abuse, the cycle of violence and anger that plagued their lives--yet each man ultimately chose the arduous task of healing. The film also takes a probing look at the cycle of violence in the lives of some survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and the importance of boys and adolescent survivors to receive the help they need to lead healthier lives.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Intro to Effects of Abuse

Chapter 3: Breaking Silence/Intro Support Group

Chapter 4: A Clergy Abuse Survivor's Story

Chapter 6: Advocacy

Chapter 7: Cycle of Violence

Chapter 8: Support Group/Masculinity

Chapter 9: PTSD/Intimacy/Relationship

Chapter 10: Call to Action

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Printable 32-page booklet 122x186mm

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